Saturday, September 18, 2010

25 Things Every Man Should Do By 25*

You are getting nearer and nearer to 25, meaning you have been living 1/2, or hopefully, 1/3 or 1/4 of your life. Have you ever regretted that you should have done something? Have you ever thought of what you should do in 5 years' time? Here comes a tip about 25 things a man should do by 25. Feel free to add your own in the comments so that I can revise it, and hopefully, one day we can eventually have the list of 25-should-do things that is the standard of all men.

Click on the title to read in more detail. I have tried my best to KISS it (Keep It Short and 'Stupid').

  1. Apply a skin care regimen
  2. Buy enough underwear
  3. Buy enough toilet paper
  4. Buy a great razor
  5. Buy at least 4 good pairs of shoes: dressy, business casual, casual, exercise
  6. Buy a blazer and a tailored suit
  7. Listen to war stories
  8. Learn a tasty signature dish you can whip up for a date
  9. Get 6-pack abs
  10. Treat all women well
  11. Be independent from your mama
  12. Expand your relationships (acquaintances)
  13. Get regular checkups
  14. Find the right hobby
  15. Find what you really love
  16. Find your real master
  17. Involve yourself in at least 2 serious relationships
  18. Smile frequently and generously
  19. Do something “stupid”
  20. Go travelling to different countries
  21. “Change your house”
  22. Start building your nest egg
  23. Start a business
  24. Lose it all
  25. List at least 25 more things you should do by 25

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ps: The last 5 things every man should do by 30, will be revealed next week

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